Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I find out where various events will be held so I can plan accordingly?

A1: The majority of events will be staged in and around the city of Chennai. Final venue selections will depend on attendee numbers so we have done our best to keep our options open. Venue locations will lend themselves to development of our planned Transport Plan (for those who may not have a car) to move people to/from venues.

Q2: As I may not have a vehicle, how can I register for transport to and from Events?

A2: When you register and book an event/s, please indicate whether you require transport. We are exploring a number of transport options which will include pick-up and drop-off points to move attendees to/from event venues. We will provide further details of our Transport Plan in due course.

Q3: How can I find details of discount or organised Accommodation, ideally near most event venues?

A3: All hotels that we’ve recommended are close to most venues which are located in and around the city of Chennai. Booking discounts, indicative prices and a selection of hotels, from budget to higher priced rentals, will be provided upon request to: Regardless of our efforts to put you on to the right hotels, we urge all attendees to explore the typical accommodation booking agencies e.g. Trivago,, etc., as they sometimes have promotions at heavily discounted rates. AITW requests you to book directly.

Q4: Have any arrangements been made for discount airfares or air travel generally?

A4: No. Attendees from within India or overseas locations are requested to source the most cost effective air travel arrangements.

Q5: Why do I have to complete the booking/registration/payment system separately for myself and my wife’s selected events – why can’t I purchase the tickets in my name?

A5: When you and/or your wife/partner complete your Registration details (name, address, school attended, home town, etc..), we would like to gather all information of each attendee so we can publish them on event notice boards so others may identify you or your wife/partner for a reunion ‘catch up’. Likewise, you and/or your wife/partner will also be able to identify acquaintances from such lists of attendees. We apologise for the extra effort but hope you will appreciate that this is an essential part for the Reunion.

Q6: Can I print my ticket/s at home on my printer?

A6: Yes, your booking, registration and ticket will be e-mailed to you and you can take a print out.

Q7: What if I print more than one copy of my ticket or a photocopy is made?

A7: Only the first presented ticket, checked by our scanners, will be allowed entry.

Q8: What if I cannot print my tickets?

A8: You may collect your ticket/s at the event venue. However, to avoid undesirable queuing at events, we strongly encourage you to possibly seek a friend’s assistance to print them.

Q9: Can I collect my tickets at the event venue?

A9: To avoid undesirable queuing at events, it is highly preferable that tickets are printed at home or obtained from the ticket seller you purchased the ticket/s from. However, you may collect your tickets on the event day from the venue. Naturally, only purchasers who registered for the event will be expected to take delivery of ticket/s. Your Registration Code and some form of ID may be necessary.

Q10: Can I edit selected items or remove events I have booked?

A10: Yes, you may edit your selections but only prior to finalising registration and payment, but not thereafter – refer our Cancellation Policy under our Booking & Payment Terms page.

Q11: Can I request a refund or exchange my ticket/s for another event?

A11: If an event is rescheduled, you will be offered seats at the rescheduled event. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event or an event is cancelled entirely, you are entitled to a full refund of the amount you paid for the ticket/s.

Q12: Who is entitled to discounts?

A12: An “early bird” discount is available to attendees who book and pay for the whole ‘package’ of events on the Reunion calendar by 30th April 2018;

Q13: Is there a Payment Processing Fee?

A13: No. However, depending on the payment method you select, your financial institution or agent may levy a transaction, exchange conversion or credit card fee. Please enquire of them when you select your preferred option – refer our Booking & Payment Terms page.

Q14: Can I view my order online?

A14: Yes, you can check your orders online but only prior to finalising your event booking, registration and payment section. Following finalisation of your event booking and registration you will receive a Registration Code for quoting in banking transactions, and an Order Confirmation Receipt which you should print or save for your records.

Q15: May I pay by Cash if I do not have a Credit Card or relevant payment facilities?

A15: Yes, but preferably, you should contact a friend or relative who has necessary online facilities as cash payments pose the biggest administrative challenge for Reunion organisers. Please refer to your local Association representative or contact the Reunion co-ordinator at: for information on how you may book/pay for events by cash.

Q16: Where is the attendees/delegate list?

A16: The Attendees list is still under development and expect it to be displayed shortly, sorry for any inconvenience.

Q17: I would like to add an event to my booking, can you make this change for me?

A17: Yes, we can. Please get in touch with the Reunion co-ordinator at: with your request.

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